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Color Matching

National Plastics Color specializes in custom color. In fact, nearly 90% of our business is in custom colors. We employ the latest spectrophotometric computer technology combined with highly trained and experienced staff to read your color target, define its profile, and complete a match which provides the best colorant for your needs.

NPC has an unprecedented turnaround on our color matching process. We provide an exact color match, at a price that is affordable to your application’s requirements. Upon completion of your color match, a five to ten pound sample will be sent to you for approval.



With over 25 years of combined experience in the packaging, loading, and delivery of color concentrate, our people know how to get the job done right the first time.

Our Traffic Department does its utmost to ensure only cost effective, quality transportation is utilized. Shipments are made by our own fleet of trucks as well as other licensed, reliable carriers. We research all outside carriers thoroughly, as well as our own drivers. We believe that when your order is due to arrive is just as important as how it gets there.



NPC offers packaging designed to your needs, including three sizes of cardboard, reusable plastic bins, bags, and super sacks. Along with our standard packaging options, NPC offers its customers a program that utilizes reusable 1000 lb. plastic gaylords. This program provides you with an economical and efficient method of shipping and storing your product. These gaylords are a strong vehicle to contain your product, they are stackable, have a four-way entry system, and can fold up flat when empty.

With this program, customers are able to avoid disposal costs associated with corrugated gaylords. When NPC delivers a shipment of product to you, the empty gaylords are collected and returned to NPC for the next shipment. Further information can be obtained regarding the reusable program, by contacting your local sales representative.





Quality Control

Great quality starts with the highest standards in raw materials and total control of processing. We follow through with strict ISO training and internal audits.


At NPC, the training of our production workers is the “keystone” to our quality and precision production. Our Production Training Department conducts a formal training program, with all new employees, that is up to six weeks in length. Every six months all production workers are evaluated on their quality performance to determine if additional training is needed. As a new product or process is introduced into our system, the training department develops a program to train all existing workers.

Production Standards

Our Processing Control System sets the variable that control the quality of our product. The cleaning of a blender, blending procedures, blending time, extrusion temperatures, RPM, AMPS, classification methods, and the line cleaning method are all documented and followed for each individual color formula and individual customer’s requirements.


All measuring devices (i.e. Scales, temperature gauges etc.) are calibrated on a regular ISO certified basis to ensure their accuracy. This occurs, on average, every 90 days.

Quality Standards

All customer requirements regarding shipping or material content are available during the production process and are monitored to ensure each production run meets your individual requirements. Requirements regarding any shipping specifications are also monitored and carried out. This includes packaging specifications, such as plastic gaylords, barrels, bags or super sacks. It also includes delivery schedule requirements, such as bookings, specified delivery hours and restricted days.